Bundaberg Yoga

Power of Awareness

Private Therapeutic Yoga

Private sessions by appointment in your home
$80 for an hour session
Based on traditional Viniyoga teachings. After a consultation and assessment, take home a simple, individual plan specific to your body and needs.

Recommended for anyone who attends regular yoga classes to get more from a weekly class and practice. Improve your backbends and forward bends safely, learning to use your whole spine (not just the most mobile bits!) Ease out tight hamstrings that shorten with all the sitting in chairs and running around that we do. Find more mobility in your chest so that you can breathe more fully!

Highly recommended for anyone with injuries, health issues or specific goals.

Private Therapeutic Yoga can help with:

Shoulder / neck mobility and strength
Abs and lower back strength
Upper body strength
Joint mobility
Weight management
Digestion / Elimination
Stress / Depression / Anxiety


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