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Yoga Classes

Slow, deep and mindful yoga in a space that is attentive, supportive, light-hearted and peaceful.
Each class closes with 15 minutes of guided conscious relaxation or traditional Satyananda yoga nidra.

When we practise yoga we unite breath, body and mind. Put another way, the mind is doing the same thing as the breath and the body. This has enormous benefits for the nervous system and becomes a handy life skill in dealing with stress. Breathing practices for a particular effect help to improve vitality, immunity and state of mind.

My intention in sharing yoga is that the physical side of yoga practice is individualised, safe and enjoyable. We explore finding more functionality, strength and balance in the body in a step-wise and intelligent way. At the very least to remember that we have a body and to start to improve our relationship with it.

Yoga is about self-acceptance and self-love. It has nothing to do with performing or perfecting a form.

With practice, we train the mind's unhelpful fluctuations to ease and get to like ourselves more. We might gain some helpful insights such as: How much flexibility do I have in my attitudes? How much flexibility is there in my comfort zone? How do my postural habits add to my body symptoms?

We may find a way to respond more steadily and wisely rather than react automatically
to the things that come our way.

Perhaps, we can become more skilled at this messy, amazing business of life.

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All equipment (mats, props, cushions) are supplied. Wear comfortable clothing. If you are pregnant or have any health issues or injuries, please let me know before the start of class.

These general classes are casual drop-in classes (no bookings required) and are suitable for beginners as well as those who already have a love of yoga.

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